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Old 07-20-2011, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Guilty View Post
B and I are in a quad....B,S, and A....
For a little clarification. B (which is me, Guilty2) is the husband to Guilty. S is the husband to A.

It has definitely been a challenge. I am all for a challenge, but damn!! does it ever get easier???
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Old 05-29-2012, 11:12 PM
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Default In a quad relationship

Coming really late into this discussion, but discovered via a quick search here that this is one of the few threads that touches on poly quads.

I am currently in a quad relationship myself: we are two married male/female couples who met through an online poly dating service.

I first contacted my new partner there and she and I began dating. Just by chance, her husband contacted my wife on the same service and it quickly became apparent that we were all connected to each other's spouses. Quite the coincidence, really!

We have been dating each other now for three months and things are going fantastically. We have kept everything above-board by communicating frequently with each other and we even have "Quad meetings" where we get together to discuss any issues that may arise. Works like a charm and is a fun activity for the four of us.

My wife and I have been actively poly since 1996, but never have had much luck in finding and maintaining significant poly relationships for a number of reasons.

The idea of a quad relationship has always been the most appealing to us both, but the problems of getting four people together who all like each other, are attracted to each other, and who can work together well are admittedly, pretty complex and chancy.

We feel extremely lucky to have met another couple with whom we instantly clicked and where everything just seems to have fallen into place. A good calendar system and cell phones are essential to good quad living, I can tell you!

I/we would love to hear from others out there who are in successful quad relationships. I am here to tell you that quad relationships can happen and are very satisfying indeed.

Much luck, love, and happiness to all.

"C" (member of Quad206)
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Old 06-26-2012, 01:19 PM
1of4 1of4 is offline
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My husband and I are also in a quad relationship that all four of us started as swingers and then all kind of just fell into this exclusive relationship somewhat accidentally. Are we swingers still? Not really because none of us are looking for other swinging partners. Are we poly? I'm not sure about that either. I think we're all a little scared to use that word. I guess maybe we are somewhere in the middle. Its probably better for us to just go with it and not try to label it.

We just celebrated one year and so far, so good. We live some distance from each other but spend most weekends together and all talk every day. Most of the time I feel so incredibly happy and lucky...other times it is all a little overwhelming (not necessarily in a bad way) and confusing. I'm on this site looking for information and stories of how others have made quads work.
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Old 01-29-2013, 11:04 PM
ChainMailleFairy ChainMailleFairy is offline
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We too fell into a Quad relationship with an amazing couple. There have been fears and insecurities but we talk openly amongst the four of us and that has relieved so much stress. All four of us were blown away with the strength of the connections, and the similarities and subtle differences make the excitement palatable. I love and value the relationship with my boyfriend's wife, as much as with him. And I am thrilled to see how happy he makes her and she him. We all travel for work but will be living together as much as our schedules allow. Every day I wake up and feel so very loved and thankful!
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Old 01-30-2013, 11:51 AM
polyq4 polyq4 is offline
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Default almost 5 year

my wife and i have been involved with another couple for 5 years in july. we started out as swingers and my wife and the other guy started connecting more. Then myself and my GF connected as well (his wife). We even moved to within 1000 meters to be closer to them. There is just so much i could say. of course we really dont swing anymore. I have also connect with him (sexually as well), which i didnt expect and the ladies have connected too, so we are a true quad in every aspect, its been a wonderful ride.
Me bisexual married to D.
in a relationship with L and G all in a full fourple
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