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Old 07-15-2011, 12:34 AM
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Default mental illness in the poly community

Hey, all. I'm poly and proud, so please don't take this as an attack against the community in any way (I would also never disparage someone for having a mental illness, so it's doubly not an attack )! But I've been wondering... are there any mental illnesses that are more or less common in the poly versus the mono community?

Specifically, I'll thinking about bipolar. My gf and her hubby used to date a girl who had bipolar. No biggie. But then my roommate mentioned that his brother, who has bipolar, happens to be poly. And I noticed that the woman who writes the excellent blog The Polyamorous Misanthrope had a post about her bipolar. When I saw another member here mention that the new person she's seeing has bipolar, I really started to wonder! Is it just a relatively common thing which I had failed to notice before, is it a coincidence, or could there be a correlation?

I don't want to offend anyone and I'm hardly an expert, so if you know more than I do please speak up! It did occur to me though, that if there was a correlation maybe it was because people with bipolar, seeing as they are in very different states at different times, could be better served by having multiple partners for support/connection.

What do you think? Am I entirely out there with this, have you noticed any positive or negative relationships between poly and various mental issues?

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