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Old 07-04-2011, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Hm. Sorry you took it this way. I thought it rather endearing actually. I thought it was sort of a cute term for someone who is tongue tied and attempting to get their words out. It reminded me of someone who has butterflies around someone they have a crush on. Kind of an expression you would use by saying, "she was so nervous around him her words were like tossed salad." Heh, sorry, I had never heard this term before. I still like it my way. Can we take it back? Like taking the words "fag" and "slut" back? Well... Maybe not if its a legit term of some kind.
That's actually a very lovely thought, RP, that word salad could be related to excitement and anticipation. I will mention that from now on when I'm discussing the phenomenon/symptom of "word salad" in schizophrenia. Indeed, people may be feeling very excited about something they want to share and they just can't calm down enough to express it in a deliberate, clear way. Really insightful on your part.

Sure, let's take all mean, ugly words back. The only problem is that the more you avoid using such terms, the more powerful they become to you and the people who never hear you use them. I found this out the hard way by avoiding the words, "bitch" and "whore," for years as being offensively misogynistic. People were always using these words in casual ways around me, though, and I found myself thinking a lot about what they meant and the concepts behind them as well as the sexist ideologies. To make a long story short, when I finally started trying to use them in casual ways as well, all the negativity I had projected onto them in avoiding them came out in my usage and offended and hurt some people. Afterward, I could explain to them why I used those words and why they're not casual concepts to me, but taking it back doesn't change what I was thinking or why it hurt their feelings for me to express it.

That said, I'm already over you laughing at the "word salad" thing. I just knew I get defensive about it so I said so. It's great when people can communicate clearly without stammering, but I guess I go on the offensive when I think someone might be putting down us stammering fools
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