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Old 07-03-2011, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by River View Post
Actual, real love is not addictive, though it is enormously precious--precious beyond measure, and infinitely pleasurable.

Romantic attachments can be addictive, but they are not real, actual love when they are addictive. They are pseudo-love, a cheap counterfeit, a poor knock-off.

Real love is entirely liberatory, the very opposite of addiction.

To the extent that a culture's people treat love as scarce, a substance to be guarded and dribbled out in teaspoonfulls, those people will be love-starved and confused about love's true nature -- and thus vulnerable to "love addiction" (which is never love).
I liked this post very much, especially the comment that love is entirely liberatory and thus the opposite of addiction. It's a really good point, considering how many addictions are probably fueled by a deep longing for love that goes unfulfilled.

Your second post about the hungry ghosts went a bit far, however, imo. I feel that there is something good about feeling desire and the challenge to solve the problem it poses. Someone told me recently that what people ultimately long for is to merge with God, the ultimate source of love. Whether you believe this or want to call it "God" or something else, I think the point is that we're always hungry for more love, to go further with love, etc. It is just the nature of life-energy, I think, to want to keep progressing toward greater goodness and love. Certainly you can be grateful and joyful for the love you have and have had, but surely it's also good to go forth and multiply it (to use a cliched expression) and to feel a hunger/desire to do that.
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