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Old 10-12-2009, 05:15 PM
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Question Just wondering?

Really I am not a person for labels...ever, but i was wondering what the people here thought. This whole polyamory thing is new to me and there for extreamly interesting. My girlfriend, who lives with us, and I are very much in love and I am married. While my husband says he Loves my girlfriend (K) and I know he does in his own way he still continues t tell me that what he and I have is completly different and special compaired to how he feels about K. I have seen my husband care deeply for K (she recently sprained her ankle), but still he tells me what we have is different.

I have also heard K say the same things to me. She says she loves my husband as a very close friend and while she does not mind beign sexual with the two of us (we mainly do sexual things when it is just the three of us {when it is just me and her we only "make out"} together. )I know she would be a little uncomfortable doing things with him alone. K told me she was a lasbin intersted in Polyamory when I first met her (that is how i learned about Polyamory).

From my view I love both of them yes in differnt ways, but mostly equally in amount (if one had to mesure love (or had a way to)). So my question was what others opions was on our relationship. V or Triad? I feel alot of the time that I am the one at the bottom being loved by two peole (wonderful), but i really want them to be close. Humm...

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