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Old 06-18-2011, 09:16 AM
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Default Hallo-hallo, New to Polyamory

Hallo, my name is Sizheng and I'm joining the site for a little more insight into my new partner. I am female and sexually bi. I have not yet encountered a woman who has commanded romantic love from me.

While on the recovery from my first relationship ever (mono, lasting two and a half years, male with whom I lost my virginity), I met and began dating (and possibly rebounding with) a poly man. I felt we bonded mentally almost instantly, and the physical and emotional attraction followed quickly. Both of us considered that I might be on the rebound and decided to keep things casual. After a short amount of time with him, however, I realised I didn't want to close off options like polyamory out of inexperience or fear, etc. He confessed himself willing and we became lovers, or partners.

I did some background reading at xeromag.com. Right now, I'm sort of not sure what to do--I am a person who is fairly needy of physical and emotional contact, but I do not want to press him and I want to explore our relationship a little more before adding another one and we are both rather busy. So I guess I'm trying to be patient, but am still fighting the urge to (with his permission) search for another connection. So far, I'm not concerned about his making connections to new partners so long as he informs me in advance, or at least as soon as possible after the fact and makes sure she is sexually clean.

Any advice would be great, but that's me in a nutshell at the moment. Thanks all, and it's great to be here!
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new love, new relations, rebound

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