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Old 06-14-2011, 06:03 AM
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Default Why older women?

It is quite common to see younger men engaging older women in sexual relationships and everyone has their reasons. There are great aspects to this and some less than positive ones.

I'll offer my perspective on this based on my own experience. I have always been attracted to older older women since I can remember. My first real experience confirmed what I always believed...older women are hot and know what they are doing! I was just 19 and she was between 40 to 43.

There is a darker side to this as well though. I'll cover both sides from the inner workings of my own mind...some opinions will not be liked for sure but I think there is some value in sharing this.

Older women can exude extreme confidence! It doesn't matter what they look like, their size, body shape or hair color. If they are internally confident it radiates like the sun and if there is sexual energy contained in that look out! Meeoowww!! They know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it - thank you for that! Young men can learn a lot and quite frankly have their mind blown by the embrace of a mature women. There is no doubt that being with an experienced lover sets the bar high for any young man who has the pleasure to be with an older women.

The darker side...young men can prey on older women as well. Why do I say prey? Because women who are older are often also going through a huge life change and guys know this. Divorce or separation after a long time sets the stage for manipulation sometimes. Some guys are very good at picking up on the vulnerabilities created in the vacuum of a divorce. Some women start looking for validation that they are desirable and wanted. They exude a different kind of energy that guys can also sense....desperation. This can lead to an exaggerated openness of sexual freedom because it creates the sense of being wanted and "loved". Men talk about this. Jokes are made about going to cougar bars to find the easy score. And make no doubt, those connections are often soley about sex. A lot of those are mutually satisfying and quite upfront but some give false impressions of true desirability where anyone would do to get release.

What are your thoughts?

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