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Old 06-13-2011, 11:56 PM
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Default Is male sex drive a myth???

I have to ask this question because frankly it is driving me crazy.

First, I work as a professional (yes yes... Laugh if it's funny. Lol) psychic. That's how I make my living. I say that only to explain where I am getting the basis on which I ask the title question.

Is male sex drive all just a myth?

I have many client, both male and female, who ask me many intimate questions. But in the now 6 years I have been doing this 40+hrs a week, I have NEVER nice heard a man complain about his wife or SO's lack of interest in sex.


On the other hand it is an odd day when i don't have AT LEAST one female client asking me what she can do to get more sexual attention in her relationship with a man.

My point is this: the classic tale is about women who loose all interest in sex after marrying/having kids/being in a relationship for thus-and-such amount of time. But I have talked to so many women who are absolutely starving for sex... ANY sex of ANY kind from their primary (or exclusive) partners.

These women HAVE told their partners they need more. They DO go out of their way to be available anytime their male partner wants. They DO try every seduction technique in the book, study sexual arts, get the fancy lingerie, and finally in utter bewilderment turn to a psychic for adivce on the problem.

The excuses their male partners give vary from "let me finished this level of Halo" to "my back hurts" to "not tonight, the kids might hear us!".

Meanwhile, these ladies are not at all bad looking. Many are extremely healthy as well as being beautiful. But they are still unable to get their lover's attention.And frankly, it's wearing on their self esteem and their hormones.

Unfortunately at the moment i include myself in this category.

So, what is going on? I know that it's conceivable that a man might not take his sexual complaints to a psychic but at least two of my married friends are complaining of the same thing with their husbands.

Can any guys or experienced ladies shed any light on this?

Or any ideas for fixing the problem? (hint: telling the man that she wants more sex doesn't work. Nor does blatant assertiveness. Nor does fantasy play. And this is all of these ladies, not just me that it doesn't work for.)
- All my Love.
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