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Old 06-02-2011, 03:03 PM
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Default Help! I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend but I am not poly

after a YEAR with 2 partners I realize what an emotional toll poly has taken on me and that I dont feel innatlety poly. Yes there are huge rewards to polyamory, but they dont seem to outweigh the emotional turmoil me and my partners go through. My boyfriend P was poly when I met him and I was mono for about a year, then I started dating my girlfriend N (8months). she is monogomous. I love them both tremendously but have fallen less in love with my boyfriend. I love him very much though. I had a very rough night last night because my girlfriends friend told me I was breaking her heart and that if I didnt get rid of my boyfriend my gf wont stay with me. Also that my bf was ugly. I was very hurt and upset by these comments, mainly because while we have discussed the status of our relationship and I know she prefers to keep my relationships seperate, it kills me to hear from my girlfriends best friends boyfriend that I am sabatoging my love life and breaking this beautiful girls heart. He also told me he has no respect for me and he thinks polyamory is wrong. I feel very judged by my girlfriends friends and the hard part is I dont feel like defending myself mainly because I dont feel like being poly is really me. advice would be great. thanks loves
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