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Old 06-01-2011, 07:19 PM
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Hmmm....Let me see here....

1st poly break up: The other guy got jealous of My wife and me and his wife's relationship, and decided he didn't want it going any further. Fair enough. So, because he and I worked together, it was difficult to "ignore" him or anything. Once he got fired, things got much easier. I didn't talk to him or her anymore, and didn't see either of them at all. MUCH easier.

Second poly break up: My wife and I were both dating a woman. She was very nice, and I could have seen it working out very well. However, she would tell me one thing, and then 5 minutes later, tell my wife something opposite. So, needles to say, it wasn't working after about a month and a half. My wife and I went to Naples for our anniversary. She (our gf) wanted to go also, but we told her no, as it was my wife and I's anniversary. And when we got to the point of an anniversary with her, we would celebrate that separately, so it was just as special. Well, apparently, that didn't go over well with her. She sent us a text while we were driving back from Naples. All her text said was "T***, I'm sorry, but I don't think this relationship is working." I asked why she thought it wasn't working. The reason for asking, was to see if I was making a mistake somehow, or if there were some sort of miscommunication. Nope...No mistakes or miscommunication. She told me why (which is far too involved to write here), and I simply told her "Ok. I'm sorry that it's not working out. I wish you the bestof luck in all your future endeavours. Take care Sweetie. I'll not bother you any more." And that was it. She took me off her facebook, deleted her OKC account, and I took her phone number off my phone. I have seen her in traffic once since her breaking up with us. She never saw me, and I basically ignored her and acted as if I didn't see her as I drove by. I wish it would have worked out, but even if she hadn't broken up with us, we would have eventually broken up with her anyway. :/ So, that's how it goes for us.

For us, it's best to completely disconnect. We eliminate all but one or two reminders of our past. I have two pictures of my wife and I's last GF. One is a pic of the three of us together before my last MMA fight, and the other is a pic of the two of them together. I keep those pics to remind me of what is possible. Not to remind me of what once was, or how bad it was.

Does my post make sense? LOL I think I am rambling.
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