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Old 05-23-2011, 10:08 PM
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Smile How We Got Here....

Hello My name is Lost and my girlfriend's name is Rane. We have been together for almost 4 years now. I am a lesbian and Rane is a bisexual. A few years back Rane and I talked about her finding a boy toy to play with. She is my best friend, my lover and the one who still makes me weak in the knees with just a kiss. After talking about it for 3 months and thinking about it for 6 months I said lets find you what you are missing.

A boy... So we started the search and have found a few that have become our friend and Rane's FWB but in the end it ever worked out. For they always wanted more then we were willing to give or tried to push me out of the way so they could have Rane all to themselves.

I always knew that one day we would go from a boy toy to a having a third in our relationship. I just never knew when it would come. So enter Draco. Draco started off as a boy toy, spending time with Rane having naked fun times while i was out of the house for I never wanted to be involved with the boy toys. Or maybe it was that I hadn't found someone i was comfortable with. I know that I am lesbian and very happy with my sexual identity.

Draco started to come around more and we broke the rules for him by asking him to stay the night. I watched Rane become a giggling teenager when Draco was around. I waited 2 weeks for the both of them to say that they had crushes on each other and it was more then just FWB. When it finally came out Rane and I talked about how she felt about him and what had happened in the last month to lead us here. We openly talked about Draco becoming her boyfriend and us all learning to be in a 3 person relationship.

I want to say that the first 2 weeks were easy but they were anything but. I was watching my girl of 4 years fall in love with someone else, I found it hard to watch their honeymoon stage where they couldnt get enough of each other. We had some good fights about how I was feeling ignored and lonely. At times it was jealousy of Draco for he was new and I was old and being left out. We almost gave up but we yelled at each other then talked it out and now things are better then they were are the start.

So thats how we go here. I am still reading alot on being in a poly relationship for there are times that I feel jealous or feel like I am being ignored, but I now speak up and it has made all the difference. In the end I want all 3 of us to be happy and if that means losing a little sleep because we need to talk out something that is bothering one of us then it is what we do....

I have not used our real names in this as I am not quite ready for us to be so out there...but I am sure that will come in time. I look forward to getting to know people from here and reading your experiences and learning from those that have been doing this for awhile.
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