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Old 05-18-2011, 11:22 AM
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So cindie, you're saying that, in a huge metropolis such as Tampa, I should have hundreds of women who are a match for me? Well, sadly this simply is not true. Sometimes, I wish I were unscrupulis enough to actually post some of the pictures of the women who are "matches" in my area.

Oddly enough, one of the women in my area who is a match, I know personally. She is poly. In fact, she and I are a 94% match on OKC. Almost a higher match percentage than my wife and I are. She is a VERY nice person. She has a HUGE heart, and a wonderful personality. I actually met her through HERE. But physically, I am simply NOT attracted to her, and could never picture myself and her doing anything sexually together. We get along fine, and have decent conversations, but there are certain things that I simply can't get over. and her physical atributes are not all of them.

I have a MUCH smaller pool of people to choose from than most women do. Why? Because most women will make concessions in their "requirements", while I simply will not. I can't STAND people who smoke. Therefore, it is a requirement that women who I date, do not smoke. The smell of cigarettes makes me sick...litterally. So it's not something I can get over. Oddly enough, I used to smoke. Weird huh? Weight is a simple estimation. I have a body type that I'm attracted to. Some women may weigh a bit more, some a bit less. But I can't change what I'm physically attracted to. Hell, why should I? In an attempt to make concessions to make it possible to date someone? No, I had standards when I met my wife...and guess what....There was no such thing as internet dating sites when we met. We found each other. Internet dating simply adds to your possible dating pool. And for me, it doesn't add much to it. Although, I DID date one of the women who is a match for me on OKC. She was nice in the beginning....Then my wife and I found out she was a cowgirl. And once we figured that out, she actually dumped us, saying that she and my wife simply couldn't get along. There were no real obvious issues, but eh...Whatever.

You all have your criteria for dating people...I have mine. Most of you are very flexible on who you will consider dating. Which, to me, indicates that either you don't know what you are looking for, or are too desperate to care, or some other thing which I can't figure out. Maybe most of you are just a LOT more open than I am. But none of you are willing to accept the challenge. All you can do is try to make it about me. Yay me.
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