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Old 05-17-2011, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
No-one is taking me up on my challenge? Bummer. I am not so uncooth as to actually post some of the really....ahem...unattractive...matches in my area. In my area (within a 50 mile radius) there are 3 pages or less. How many people per page? 10. So, less than 30 matches to my own criteria.

(For some odd reason I think I have been through all this before)

of those 30 matches, only about 4 have answered the questions I mentioned above, in a manner which is condusive to a poly relationship. (1-would you consider dating someone in an open relationship, and 2-would you consider being part of a multiple person relationship)

So now I'm down to 4 to choose from....Of those 4, none are a person which I am PHYSICALLY attracted to. So how do I remedy this situation? Lower my standards? To what? How far does a person lower their standards to find someone to love? Do I now accept people who smoke? How about people who are heavy drinkers? Women who are over 300 lbs? How about drug users? I mean, come on...Where does it all stop?

I'm not lowering my standards. Not one bit. I'm not requiring the women to be runway models, or rich, or perfect in any way. No. I'm asking for women who are under 6'2", weigh under 200 lbs, have shoulder length hair or longer, social drinkers at best, and non-smokers and non-drug users. Within a 50 mile radius. Women who are open to a poly relationship. I wish I could find one who got into martial arts as much as I do. It seems my wife, is the only one within a 50 mile radius of me. I'm so fortunate to have found her 20 years ago.

It just goes to prove that she has no equal to me. Depressing? A little. BUT....I keep looking.....it'll make it even more special if I ever find an equal to my wife.
Since they aren't in a 50 mile radius of you maybe you should find out where the women are concentrated who do meet all your criteria and move there (I'm being cheeky)
Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok it's not the end.
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