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Old 05-14-2011, 05:20 AM
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Default New and in need of advice.

Hi, this is my first time posting here. Iím a bit shy, so bear with me. If this is vague in any way, please ask questions. I need some guidance. Iím extremely interested in exploring casual and/or serious poly relationships but Iím not sure how to bring up the subject with my boyfriend. Weíre both bisexual and pretty open when it comes to our sexuality but I donít know his opinions on polyamory. Iíve had these feelings for years but Iíve never shared any thoughts with him about the possibilities of exploring poly relationships because Iím not sure how to bring it up. I am attracted to multiple people and I love my boyfriend dearly but I can say with complete certainty that a traditional monogamous lifestyle is not for me. To complicate matters, I am very attracted to a mutual male friend of ours and want to have a casual relationship with him as well as a serious relationship with my boyfriend. Again, I have not mentioned any of this to my boyfriend. Iím unsure if I should bring this up along with the initial poly conversation or if I should wait on it, seeing as how my boyfriend can be quite the jealous type and he will have to adjust to the idea of sharing me. We live together so these feelings are becoming increasingly hard to keep to myself. When I eventually do discuss this with him I donít want him to get the idea that I am looking to replace him, or that he doesnít satisfy me, etc and I want him to know that he will be free to pursue as many relationships as he likes. I feel torn, I am living a huge lie, and I donít want to hurt my boyfriendís feelings. How do I bring up the conversation?
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