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Old 05-12-2011, 05:01 AM
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Default Am I a Unicorn?

I'm twenty, bisexual and pretty.

In high school I had serious relationships (lasting around a year each) with both boys and girls (though not at the same time). I have loved boys and I have loved girls. From age seventeen onwards, however, I felt pretty much straight. While I was still physically attracted to pretty girls and would kiss them or sleep with them, I felt like I could honestly say I didn't like girls any more and the thought of being in a relationship with a girl seemed strange and unnatural, despite having done it in my early teens.

In my first year of university I had a threesome with a guy I was sleeping with and a bisexual girl from my hostel. It was really fun and we all remained friends afterwards.

I watched Vicki Cristina Barcelona and it was the first time that I had even thought about the possibility of a three way relationship. I'd never heard the word polyamory before. I decided to try and make it happen.

I put an ad on a dating website, asking if there were any bisexual girls in my city around my own age who would like to be in a relationship with both me and a guy. I found a girl, Jemima, who is amazing. She's pretty, fun, and we have SO much in common - we both write and like going to plays and watching foreign films together etc. We took it slow because we don't want to get too close so we can develop a relationship with a guy at the same time. After three dates we kissed and it took a couple of drunken sleepovers before we did anything else. I really like her

We advertised in the student magazine for a boy and have had about six email responses, and have been on a couple of dates with a couple more lined up. One guy is a definite candidate!

So that is where I'm at. I guess I wanted to know if we are considered "unicorns" because we are attractive young bisexual girls who want a three way relationship - or are we excluded from that category because we are essentially the couple looking for a third?
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