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Old 05-12-2011, 12:17 AM
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Red face a new me, hi all

i've been hanging around the forum for about a month now and finally decided to jump in.
long story short, you can call me cassy, its not my real name, i live in a really small town with an unusual name. no one really uses my given name, i always assume i'm in trouble if anyone does
i'm in my late twenties, although most of the time i feel a lot older. i'm an artist, love books, movies, music, the ocean and anything outdoors, in fact i just got my garden started today and i'm thrilled i also have a constant itch to move somewhere i've never been before.
i've been in a committed relationship with my fiancÚ for four years(we've been engaged for three, i'm not sure marriage is for me), we have four kiddos. we've really struggled for the last three years and after a terrible last couple of months we laid it all out on the table. i told him that i was feeling stuck, lonely and like i was suppressing a major part of myself and that i'm poly (without any poly relationships). for the first time he really heard me, he heard my reasons, explanations and feelings and took it all wonderfully. he's amazing really and seems to be handling this all really well, its helps that we're both total weirdos it also occurred to him that a friend of his really fills in some of my missing needs, conversation wise, its completely true but i have no idea what to do with the information.
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