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Old 10-01-2009, 08:54 PM
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Default moving in together

What is it with the NRE moving in together thing? I mean, why is it that people think its a good idea to move in together when they are just starting their relationships? It spells danger if you ask me.

I know I'm going to get balled out for this one, but having been on here for some time, having experienced doing this myself, having listened to others do this over and over again and it more often than not turn into disaster I wonder why people don't THINK about the possible consequences and WAIT!
We are such a society of "now," and we forget to take our time. I did the same thing with Mono. I was keen to move him in and now I see the benefit to his not living with us. I'm so glad I listened to my husband on this one and we are waiting. I am positive it has brought us the success in our relationship that we all share in. I get to have two homes, I get to spend family time and husband time at one home and close boyfriend time at another. It has meant we have space when we have issues going on and has meant that we are able to do things in our own lives on our own.Now I even fantizes about having my own place, or at least having my own room!

Sure at the beginning I was convinced I would never want to be alone, I would always want my men around. I thought it would always be sunshine and roses and had a perminant smile on my face when I had spent time with just us three being all cozy and close, but I am positive it has meant those times are more frequent. They wouldn't be if we lived together because we would be too busy doing day to day stuff. We would be together so much in an every day way that it would get lost. Or at least be lessoned.

I have been emailing with a man that used to post on here, but has been going through a really hard time in his "V" and stopped to take care of it. He moved his girlfriend in quickly and it almost immediately changed the dynamic. Now it has exploded in his face. I can't tell you how often I have heard that happen.

All I can say is... SLOW down! There is no rush! Enjoy every moment of you NRE. Beause when its over you will see clearly if its a good idea to all move in, or enjoy the space.
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