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Old 05-01-2011, 03:13 AM
orcasandowls orcasandowls is offline
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Talking *shy wave*

Hi everyone, I'm E. I'm 22, I've identified as poly since I knew that the word existed. I had the concept in my head well before that, I just thought I was a weirdo who needed to settle down.

I'm part of a happy little triad. I have a wonderful boyfriend (D) and an amazing girlfriend (C), and they are conveniently married to each other! D and C met in high school, started dating in college, and have been together for years and years. They've also got two amazing daughters, twins who are nearly two years old. We're still figuring this relationship out and learning what normal is for us and how to communicate with each other, but so far we're doing a pretty good job. Hopefully we'll keep up the good work: I'm scheduled to move in by the end of June. I'm excited and nervous, but I think I may have found my family with these two. Moving in is a risk, but I'm willing to chance it.

I'm really psyched to find this forum, I'm looking forward to meeting other poly people!! I have lots of friends who are open-minded and tolerant, but I don't know anyone else actually trying to do the poly thing.
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