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Old 04-30-2011, 07:49 PM
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Default Young, commitment-minded couple on the East Coast

Hi everyone. We're a young couple living on the far East Coast (at least for the next year) who are just starting to look into a poly lifestyle. We're very new to this, and still deciding if it's right for us, but we want to explore and see where it takes us. The one caveat is that we're strictly looking for polyfidelity--we're interested in starting a family with another woman (wife is not interested in other guys), and any relationship we enter into would be with the intention of it potentially turning into a for-life family (of EQUALS, no "second" wives here).

With that said, a bit about us:
We're 27 (him) and 26 (her) years old. We've been married for almost 4 years, and together almost 10 (dated in high school). We're active and consider ourselves reasonably good looking (pics available). We're both college educated. He is working on a graduate degree and will be hoping to find a college faculty job when finished. She works with special-needs youth. Neither of us really identifies as bisexual, but we're very sexually open and comfortable with almost anything. We're not particularly religious, nor very political-minded. We just follow the "live-and-let-live" principle. At present, we have no children, but we hope to begin having them in the next few years and to eventually have a (reasonably) large family.

We're open to talking to anyone, regardless of distance. But we really hope to find a single woman who is in the same "exploration" phase we're in: trying to figure out just what kind of poly life fits her, but who appreciates the importance of family. Maybe nothing comes of it but some friendship and good, mutually beneficial conversation. Or maybe it's a life-changing experience. Cheers!

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