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Old 04-28-2011, 03:33 AM
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Default new to polyandry. can anyone help me out

Hello all, I have been with my wife now for 8 years. We met a new person that at a fuction and my wife has fallen in love with him. We are both very open with our relationship. We love each other with all our hearts but we are now having problems with the new person. I think the main problem is the sharing of emotions. I feel as though I am now the thrid wheel and don't receive much if any emotion from my wife, whereas our new friend(I'll call him MD) has been the primary person receiving the most from the relationship(well my wife has been the primary receiver but I hope you catch my drift). I have been feeling angry because of this neglect, as well as not wanting to look at ether of them after they have their time together. I don't feel this way when all three of us are together, we have our foreplay(MD is not comfortable with being with my wife in front of me yet but he is getting better). If I am having sex with her in front or him there are no problems. I even willingly will leave the room for the two of them to go at it. But, this doesn't happen that often, more so its been her with him then with me, but I have been feeling neglected the past couple of time we have been there. I have had bad thoughts of leaving my love, which would kill me. I just would like to know if there are any pointer that might help me with this. I will post more later cause my fingers are going numb. Any questions are welcome, and please no religous preaching because I am not, nore is my wife, religous. My wife will also be posting sometime soon to ask for so advise with issues she is having. I look forward to your responses and I hope to have better news about our relationship in the future.
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