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Old 09-29-2009, 07:34 AM
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Default is it that hard

hey guys

i posted a thread called mono and poly. i havent been on for a while but i need to chat. so in my thread i was talking about my partner wanting to explore this guy for one night. they did end up exploring together even though i told her i wasnt ready.

when she told me, i felt relaxed and ok about it because the last couple of weeks i have let out alot of pain and tears so i mabey felt ready to hear it. she told me that our relationship wouldnt change and that if anything she would love me more and give me the affection i need.

well.......there is a change. she still has the need to see him and think about him. when we're at home i try realy hard to bring back some of the love and affection, but she pushes me away and say's she's to tired all the time.

i tell her how im feeling and say i did this for you now can you do something for me. but i feel she chooses to ignore it beacuse shae dosent feel this way about me anymore. i have said that i want to move out and get our own places, but she keeps saying that im running away from our problem and that i should stay. but im so unhappy but im so in love with her. she dosent know what i need even though i tell her all the time.

i give her space to live they way she wants to, but she cant make me happy by living the way i want to. what do i do
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