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Old 09-29-2009, 05:23 AM
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Default I don't know if help is needed

So i've been thinking about this issue lately, and i honestly don't know if i can get advice,or if i just need to bounce this off you folks. I hope you don't mind.

A few weeks ago i went to lunch with my mom, and we were discussing why my previous relationship ended. My mother had become good friends w/my gf,as she tends to get too invested in my relationships. One of the things i mentioned to her was that monogamy wasn't really for me. I explained to her that poly was the romantic lifestyle that worked for me. She was upset by this, and told me she didn't know if she could accept this about me. She also told me that she wouldn't be able to have more than 1 of my loves at her house at the same time, whether i was in a V,or a Triad. She also said that she was disappointed in me. That one hurt the most.

Now before everyone goes all "here's why your mom is wrong" let me give you some crucial background. My parents were married for 18 yrs. one of the biggest things that led to their divorce is the fact that my dad cheated on her, b'c he didn't know what poly was, and did what society deems more acceptable. I explained to her that what i want/need is not cheating, and what my father did was absolutely wrong.

After their divorce he identified as poly, and obviously is open, and encouraging of my epiphany that poly is who i am. So i guess i'm lucky that at least 1 parent is accepting of who i am. i also have a sister, and while i haven't discussed it with her, i assume she'll be mostly understanding as her, and my bro-in-law are in the swinging lifestyle.

ok i've ranted enough for now. I'm more than happy to hear anyone's thoughts on all of this, as i don't have too many people to bounce this off of. I've already discussed this with JC (my gf), and that's about it.

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