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Old 04-26-2011, 10:01 PM
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Default Sort of an introduction... (Young couple with multiple interests)

Hi, all. We're a younger couple (late 20's, the husband is writing this) beginning to explore poly living in a very particular way. We've been together since high school, married for almost 4 years now through the thick and the thin.

I am a graduate student in the social sciences, and some of my research in the last couple of years has taken me into investigations of secular polygamous movements. As a result, both of us have come to really appreciate the value and strength and love that large families can possess, and to understand that the 2-person nuclear family ideal is just a sham that's been pulled over the eyes of the last few generations. (We both come from very "standard" families that were really hurt and broken by the strains placed upon them in life.)

So really, our interests are two-fold:

1. We're very tentatively trying to get a feel for the ins and outs of poly, and to see if there's room in it (and a partner in it) for us. We'd (eventually) be looking to expand our marriage to a second young woman around our age. We're not particularly religious, so this has nothing to do with that. We'd be looking at it more from a "dating" approach than a spiritual calling, but with the intent to become a real family, with kids and everything somewhere in the long-term picture. My wife is not particularly bisexual, but we aren't closed to any possibilities. We're just emphasizing that, while sex is great (we're big fans), our interest in this is entirely predicated on family and commitment.

So there's the personal side of it. Here's the other one:

2. As I mentioned, I'm building a career as an academic scholar, and one of the major areas of research I'm exploring is non-fundamentalist, polygamous families in modern societies. As I'm sure you all can imagine, doing research on such a subject isn't like researching the marine sciences or childhood education where you just call up the administrator of the local network or institution and ask to come for a visit. Instead, I've got to try and dig up networks of people myself, get to know them, validate the claim that I have only the best of intentions to try and make a career out of mainstreaming acceptance of polyamorous lifestyles, and then ask if anyone is willing to assist me in my research. So that's why I'm here academically, hoping to find people that fit the above and are willing to chat with me or put me in touch with same.

Anyway, whether either of the above applies to you or not, we're pleased to make everyone's acquaintance and hope to have a great deal of conversation with you all!

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