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Old 04-23-2011, 09:52 PM
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Default Feeling Frustrated and Unloved

Please help I am new to polyamory. Here's how it started... my wife, Trina, cheated on me with another woman. Trina kept going back and forth between the two of us because for some reason no one could walk away from eachother. This went on for a year. Finally the 3 of us sat down and had a very long discussion of the three of us living together so Trina could be with the two of us and also there would be no reason for her to lie to us anymore. We each have our own space so we have privacy and we also have the main living area and the common area or safe area as we call it. We have been living together for about 4 months now. We all get along great. My main thing is that we made certain rules and schedules so that time between the two of us was fair so to speak. I was not happy with one decision and voiced that when the decision was made but it did not chance the outcome. We have equal time with Trina but the over nights are not equal at all. She has every night of the week with the exception of 2 nights. For one I was with her first and it makes me feel like I don't have an equal standing in this relationship. Having overnights is very important to me but Trina just keeps saying that she is happy with the way that it is. I feel like she just loves the other girlfriend more and doesn't care about my feelings. I am soo frustrated and it really hurts that it can't be discussed again to make possible changes. Has anyone been through anything like this?? Does anyone have any advice??
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