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Old 04-16-2011, 04:46 AM
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Default So, Umm, Hi?

The name's Stu (clearly, I'm quite clever with the sn for this place ).

I'm 29 years old, out of Parkville, MD; which is fairly close to Baltimore.

I've been interested in the poly lifestyle for awhile, and am kinda curious about what it's all about. While it's not my style to rush headfirst into something without being well informed; I am very interested in maybe getting some firsthand accounts on what it's like to be in the lifestyle.

I'm totally welcoming of whatever feedback or info anyone is willing to give, and I am taking my exploration of this seriously.

So yeah, again, Hi everyone.

Apparently, I missed the huge thread entitled "How to post an introduction". Go figure.

A bit about my situation...

I'm recently out of a longterm, on again off again mono-relationship. While everything ended rather amicably, the main reason for our split (and previous "break" periods) was a vastly different view on life. She was more traditional about how she viewed things, and I've always had a bit more of a progressive outlook on life. This wasn't to say that the problem was in things like intamacy frustrations or infidelity, but more of a general incompatibility on how we saw things. I always felt a bit confined in the relationship. We've come to the conclusion that we weren't really ourselves around each other, and have decided we serve each other best as strictly friends.

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