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Old 04-12-2011, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by younglove View Post
I have always thought that being "in love" was something that needed to be mutual. You never get the full experience of a healthy relationship with someone unless you get all the bells and whistles of feeling the love returned. His wavering heart, effort, appreciation, and in some ways respect has me feeling a little foolish, but that is NRE for you.
I dislike the term NRE, but that doesn't sound like what I take it to mean when others use it. That sounds like waffling.
Yes, being in love must be mutual to not just feel like heartbreak.

I keep thinking back to my dating rules when I was single, and I think I may have broken a few of them. I do not like to waste my time on someone that's not really into me...
What were your dating rules? The one you mentioned sounds solid.

So, I will linger in the background, remembering some of the better times, but still living in the reality that is his fleeting love for me. I am strong enough to move past this, and adapt to what I need. I have a huge long list of things to do for myself anyway, and the distraction that is this confusing chaotic situation is not helping.

never settle!
NO. Never.

I want to say to you that you seem to have a great handle on the situation and a healthy love and respect for yourself. You know what feels right and feels wrong, -in your gut. Don't ever betray it. Sending encouragement and appreciation at you for being so honest with yourself at a time when you must be hurting and dissapointed.

Good luck with your list. I promise you that if you step back and work on that list, you will be rewarded beyond anything you could want or predict.

"Rocks will open and make a way for the lover."
~Hazrat Inayat Khan

I love Catfish and Charlie.
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