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Old 04-11-2011, 07:36 PM
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Default New and Confused!

I have known a guy originally about 5 years, we had a brief, casual relationship in 2006, and he found me on FB just last year. I have been going to his place when he wants to see me and having sex. I've fallen in love for him, he's expressed I'm the gal for him, (he's been married and admits he isnt able to be fully sexually monogamous) we've discussed a future, our kids, and the possibility of living together. We don't do anything together but, get together for sex, he did take me to one of his motorcycle club's BBQ's, and thats about it. We never hang out. I've waited for him to come around, thinking if he knows i love and accept him, we can have a future. He has expressed how he wants me to be with a woman and him together. I'm open to trying being with him and another woman, which started out as he and I would just have fun with a third woman. Now he wants to have a poly relationship with a new girl, he as said he is very seriously intimate with, which makes sense, because he hasn't been calling me up much at all. He says he wants me and her to be an "US" and we only have sex with all three together. I understand the poly lifestyle and agree with it's way of living, but I have a very hard, hard, time with him and her. he set up a night for all of us to meet about a month ago. Dinner, drinks, and friends. I arrived, the other girl was cooking, they had drinks, smoking some weed, and there i was, not prepared to see him touching and having affection for her, since i've been waiting to see him for a while. at the same time, my child was calling me asking me to come home, because he was sick, i knew he felt bad before I left but didn't think he was that bad. I knew if I didn't show up at his house, he'd be upset and think i chickend out, so I went. i felt really, really, out of place, because I don't feel our relationship has been fully established and I don't know where I really stand. so my son kept calling and I got up and said "i can't do this, i need to go" I left, part because of not being able to handle the other woman, and partly for my sick child, bugging me. I have been excluded from him ever since that night and it has turned out to be I'm the one that chose to leave and turn against "them" so that adds to my confusion. so now we talk off and on and mostly about me being with another woman, and how he loves me and her both the same and it is all equal, now that he is being honest about the other women. I don't know if this is something I should continue or not.
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