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Old 04-06-2011, 06:30 PM
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Wink My Adventures in Poly

Iíve been lurking (unregistered) on this forum, for a few weeks now. Itís been wonderful reading all of your stories and advice. Itís not that Iím a stalker or anything; I just wasnít sure what I would exactly have to contribute. So Now that I have decided to come on board; here is my story.

Although I can be a commitment phobe, I have a lots of love to give. When G and I started our relationship nearly 5 years ago, I told him from the start I wanted it to be open; and it has been except for a brief period of about 6 weeks.

Neither of us knew about polyamory until a little while ago, when a friend came out to us about her relationship. When she told me, something just clicked. I understood immediately. It wasnít just about sex, it was about having the capacity to love, and care for more than one person. It was also nice to know that I wasnít just a determined pervert.

One week laterÖ

I began talks of getting back into modelling, and possibly getting into porn, with my friend D. We both loved each otherís ideas, and began talking about the possibility of including her. Then we kissed. It was for testing purposes, but I canít deny that 10,000 volts of electric lust went down my spine. We said it was no strings. I came home and told G with a grin, and we agreed to get together again (for testing purposes of course). The first time we fully tested our chemistry, both of our husband were present, although neither really got in on the action that night. Although M eventually joined in, G wasnít really into it.

D and her husband M, asked to borrow me for a weekend. With offerings of pancakes. What girl in her right mind would refuse sexy people and pancakes? I seriously couldnít. I also joined in on a spiritual and highly emotional activity with her.

And that is where things began to get complicated.
We started spending a lot of time and sometimes whole weekends together. We even decided that I was their girlfriend.

Then G had a major malfunction. One night, he called me at D and Mís place. He sounded creepy and totally off. Asking where I was, who I was with, and acting totally out of character. All three of us freaked out. D and I also realized that we had grown attached.

G and I had a long talk after that night. We quickly realized that we needed more communication about what was exactly going on, how I was feeling about D & M, and a clearer division of time. We also discovered that Gís sleep walking had evolved from just opening doors, and cooking food. Now he can use his cell phone too!

This was also confirmed with his latest night time activity. He thought I had stopped breathing beside him and shook me till I groaned at him. He also ran and retrieved two unwanted glasses of water to make sure I wasnít a ghost. Needless to say he woke up to an unhappy, sleep deprived wife.
After a much relieved talk with D & M, all is dandy again.

Which bring us to nowÖ

When I am with them, we donít just have sex. We snuggle, sleep together, and go for drinks. They are there for me whenever I need them too.
So now you know the basics, only time will tell where things will go.
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