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Old 04-05-2011, 02:21 PM
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Question everyone thinks we are doomed...

hello all. long time since i've been on. i'll make it quick. i was in a long term poly/open relationship for the past three years. me and the man decided to break up. we are still great friends and live together. we both met new partners and we are both super happy. yes, i am poly. my new partner is mono but open to more in the future. i am currently happy to be mono with him. he understands that i love him and have control over my actions. just because i am open to multiple loves and partners does not mean i have to go around sexing everyone up.

my problem is everyone else. my ex/current roomie and i are doing just fine, but all of our friends are telling us we are crazy and stupid. that we are setting ourselves up for failure. what i don't understand is why... why are they all so negative?

these same people are all in relationships that they hate. married to people they don't love anymore. so i don't see why they are telling us that we are wrong for being happy.

i guess i'm just venting right now. my new bf told me last night that his best female friend (that has never met me) told him that "you always get yourself in to these situations. you are just going to get fucked over...etc"

why are folks so quick to tell us we are going to fall apart?

has anyone else dealt with this? at the moment my new bf and i are in a closed very satisfying relationship and so is my ex/roomie and his new girl. why are folks hating on all of us. my ex and his gf hang out with me. we all sit together on the sofa eating and gaming and what not. when my bf is in town he joins us. people can not wrap their heads around this. they almost seem mad. when they find out that me and my ex broke up they say "aww i'm sorry, i'm here for you... etc" but as soon as we say "oh, we are great. this is the best break up ever. i love my ex and we all hang out and live together...etc" their faces turn sour and they start getting mad. as if our new relationships and the good vibes we all share (the four of us) offend them personally.

what gives? my ex said that they are just jealous. if i may say so myself i think the four of us are all hot, smart, fun, and cool. so maybe folks are jealous.

i don't know. any advice. i know i should just enjoy my loves and my new friend (my ex's gf) but it sucks to not have ANY support.

p.s. my ex and his new gf just got out of the shower, naked.... SCORE! i am so bragging about this.
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