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Old 03-30-2011, 07:15 AM
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Default Poly-Friendly Counseling?

Wanted to say thanks again for all the input and encouragement from this community in my last thread. Redpepper and NyCindie, I feel bad that I never replied to those very insightful and helpful posts at the end there, I did read them and wanted you to know it was much appreciated (I pretty much went into hiding for awhile, didn't want to talk to anyone). Long story short, I've decided to seek one-on-one counseling because I've seen my emotional state steadily worsening. My thoughts have been corrosive and counterproductive. Been getting more and more depressed. It's not so much the poly thing I need counseling for, but it certainly has aided in my instability! And thus I need a therapist who will be sympathetic to my mindset. And the problem is my insurance won't cover anyone listed on Taormino's Open List or the Poly Friendly Professionals list, and I sure as hell can't afford $70-150 a session. So....

1) Does anyone by chance know of other resources/lists for therapists in Portland, OR?

2) If you've tried counseling for poly-related issues, was it helpful? Has anyone had issues with a professional who was closed-minded, biased, and/or tried to change their poly mindset?

3) Nobody wants to insure poly-friendly therapists... conspiracy anyone?

I just don't want to go in there and have someone tell me my feelings are wrong, or try to reprogram me toward monogamy based on their views of socially acceptable behavior. I may not be ready for non-monogamy, but I will be highly offended if they try to cram me into their idea of normal "just cuz". I've already gotten that brand of advice and obviously it didn't help. I would hope most professionals are open-minded, but since they are still human there's a very real potential for bias here.

***As an update, my wife told me she was trying to be more open-minded to my point of view (that I'm leaning toward open relationship, but very uncertain). She's been very supportive, though she's made it clear she doesn't want anyone else in our life. I'm not sure if I do either yet, or at least I'm not yet willing to risk the stress on our relationship...
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