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Old 03-29-2011, 12:47 AM
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Default and so it continues......

Hello again.
I think I need to start a new thread as I appear to be hijacking a current one and don't want to do that!
I first posted in August of 2010. Basically I have been thrust into polyamory by way of a cheating husband and a willing? poly girl that I will now refer to as A. And he has turned out to be a continuously cheating husband.

I think husband, S, is still deceiving A, as to what is going on between us. According to him, she thinks we are "working this out". The problem continues to be HIS sexting her and meeting her without my knowledge...which is something we agreed her would let me know about. I actually said sex..and sexting was not allowed while we worked this out but once again, he is doing what he wants. I have agreed to let her spend nights on my couch due to alcohol and a long drive home, but he texted her the next morning telling her that "he can't bear not being able to be with her when they are sooo close" blah blah blah.
So, I decided that overnights were no longer a good thing.

I guess my question here is, she has not been involved in our "working things out" deal, and I am beginning to think she should be. Cuz S is also screwing her over too! She thinks I am ok with his texts, according to him.

My second question is that, he continues to say he chooses me over her, blah blah blah, because I finally said "enough is enough", but is that because he doesn't have the balls to be alone?? I don't want to stay with him if he continues on this cheating path. Polyamory is a hard enough pill for me to swallow without his cheating on top of it.

I admire all of your relationships. It seems to be a really hard yet fullfilling path, but is it worth it if your SO is spineless??
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