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Old 03-28-2011, 07:05 AM
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Today I woke up and spent the day in bed until 2ish (thought I would add this in, in light of recent conversation)... had sex several times and drank coffee, and forumed and planned and talked and watched Mono play with his phone All common occurrences, but today was the first time I felt the pull of being lady boss to our household. Up until now I have felt separateness between our part of the house and Mono's. I don't think I do any more and I don't think I see household responsibilities as separate any more either... this was evident in Mono and my conversation.

We talked of the up coming gardening season and what kind of division of labour there might be between us all. It could go three ways I think; a. we all work together to get it done so we can all relax and enjoy later... and spend time together, b. PN and I do it all and my time would be cut from Mono as I would see gardening as a necessity to a certain point, or c. The guys don't do anything and I do it all and no one sees me for the rest of the summer.

When I asked PN what he thought about the garden responsibility coming up he said, "oh ya, lets get a list going and see what needs to be done and then start somewhere." Mono asked if it was necessary to garden at all and what I would do if someone decided to not help. This is when my list of possible scenarios came in.

I don't know where we are at... early days yet. I have a show at the end of the month and I won't be all that available for the May1st deadline we usually keep for planting the veggies. I made a list of what I thought needed to be done and starred what needed doing first. What I starred is also what I don't need to be in on in case the guys feel like doing it without me. The rest is nitty gritty stuff like weeding... well I know what is in the garden and it can wait until May.

So now I am wondering if I have to play the cranky wife trying to get the men motivated to take responsibility thing with these two... PN has good intentions, but gets side tracked easily with his writing and "indoor" activities. Mono would rather be riding and watching movies I think. It could very well be that either I turn into hag wife, or do it myself. I vow to do it myself silently without demands and without conversation... just silently trapes outside to do it.

See how long that lasts.
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