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Old 03-27-2011, 05:24 PM
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Default A lot all at once

So I suppose my first post should be eye catching, overwhelmingly interesting, and down right cool. Well it won't be, I'll just give a little info on myself. I'm 31 , married to a wonderful and amazing woman, and a father of five. Did I mention my wife and I date the same girl? I suppose that is what this blog will mostly be about. We are poly although I hate labels and our brand is most likely different. We are just setting off on this journey and I think its important to document it. Let's just throw in me being a Christian and a conservative. Once again labels but perhaps unique. Right now the " how we got here" is not a topic I wish to delve into, suffice it to say my marriage is safe, secure, and satisfying to us both. Then why be poly you ask? That's a very good question with a very complex answer, when I figure it all out I'll be sure to post it right away. Being very new to this I obviously have many concerns and questions. For instance, how much of this should my children know? My family? My friends? One thing I don't have a concern with is being poly, Christian , and conservative. What is a conservative really? Different people have different beliefs on the subject I suppose. To me it means believing I am free. Free to live my life the best I know how. Free to pursue my own happiness. Free to determine who, how many, and the way in which I love people. Free to raise my children, my sons, in a way that will bring five hardworking , honest, honorable, and well adjusted men into society. I don't need someone from a government institution to tell me if its ok to date a woman with my wife's knowledge. I don't need a government body to confirm my marriage with a piece of paper. And I Damn sure don't need one to tell me how to raise my children. Being a Christian , means to follow Christ. I'm afraid the most influential person in history neglected to mention monogamy. I wonder why.... Could it be, that in that time period there were no polyamorous relationships so no need to mention it? Not the case, despite the term polyamorous being new the practice is as old as mankind. My theory is that Jesus had a short time to cover a lot of material and left the rest to common sense. By the way, I'm very out spoken and think I know more than I do. I hope to get a comment or some questions at some point so feel free.
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