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Old 03-27-2011, 04:42 PM
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Default Fluid bonding mistake

I'm working through the consequences of a mistake SW and I made recently. I have so many thoughts and concerns that it's been hard to figure it out so I thought to start laying it and get some feedback. Y'all are good at that!

Long story short, through some epic miscommunication, we had unprotected sex. (Ever seen those disaster investigation shows on Discovery? Where 20 different things had to go wrong in a particular sequence so the plane went down? Yeah, it was like that.)

The back story is that SW and his primary girlfriend are fluid bonded with each other. I am de facto fluid bonded with Beloved (my wife and primary) although we didn't use that term. It is one of our agreements that we would only have protected sex with other people.

(This is the part where it might get TMI for some.)

Since I am now sleeping with men (I've recently become involved with another guy, Oil Man, but that is tangential) I decided to figure out my birth control options while relying upon condoms for birth control and STD prevention. I always planned on using condoms for STD prevention even after figuring out birth control.

I didn't want to use hormonal birth control options because my hormones have been messed up in the past. IUDs were not an option because, honestly, the fact that a string would hang out of my cervix squicks me out. I'm terrible at inserting things in my vagina like sponges or caps - I find it difficult to do, often painful and hideously inconvenient. I do not want children so I decided that sterilization would be a good option. As I did not want surgery, I decided to try a procedure called Essure where tiny coils are inserted into the Fallopian tubes, causing scar tissue to develop around the coils and ultimately blocking the tubes, preventing eggs from going anywhere sperm may hang out. The important point is that it is NOT immediately effective - it takes about 3 months to develop sufficient scar tissue. However, I was using condoms anyway - so not a big whoop for me.

To be continued...
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