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Old 03-16-2011, 03:53 PM
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Default new to all this..

me and my husband, I'll call him Lobster, have decided to change our relationship from monogamous to polyamorous.

I guess I've always been poly, but not until now I've found a name for it and can accept that part of myself. Lobster is supprtive, and is says he's happy we're doing this. I feel like I'm closer to him now then before we started talking about it.

Now, the thing is I have feelings for this other guy, Penguin. We met playing an online game that I also play with Lobster. So we all know eachother. there was some flirting going on behind the back of Lobster. When I felt it had gone too far, I told him about it and he was hurt. We've talked and talked and talked about poly, Penguin and our relationship.

Anyway, Lobster wants me to email Penguin, basically giving him a rundown of our boundaries and see if he's even interested in a relationship with me. And I'm so bloody scared it will scare Penguin off as I don't know what he feels for me and how serious that is sorta thing. I mean I know he likes me and has the hots for me but not sure if he really wants a long distance poly relationship.. lol

And I know some might look down it being an online thing, but that's the way I roll. lol. It's how I met Lobster and also Snake (that's another story.. )

I'll end my novel here. Not really sure if I have a question, just felt the need to kinda write it all down.

oh yea, you guys think there's anyway I can write that message and still not come off as too serious?
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