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Old 03-15-2011, 10:12 PM
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Default Swayers turning Poly

Hi all!

I have come here for looking guidance and assistance in helping my wife with a new journey she is taking. For several years we have been borderline swingers. We prefer to call ourselves "swayers". Basically, my wife likes women, a lot. This is a desire that I obviously can't help with, so we joined the swinger community. She has always tended to only play with women whom she has developed a connection with.

Enter stage left, her new girlfriend. They have a connection the likes of which she has never felt with anyone other than me. I am so excited for her. From the first night that they were together there was this energy and connection that could mesmerize an entire room.

Now she is working through feelings and emotions that are exhilarating and confusing for her. After a week, she is starting to accept that it is ok for her to love this woman and love me at the same time. She still occasional feels that she is cheating on me. I tell her that I only consider it cheating if she is hiding things from me, but obviously those are my views, not hers. She has made great progress in the last week with her self reflection and analysis of her own feelings.

It is a fun and exiting time. I don't really have specific questions, just hanging out and reading posts so that when she struggles with things I may better articulate any help I give her. She may join here too, but she does not care for the forum mode of communication.

The hardest thing right now is the long distance. They are emailing a lot, and trying to plan a time that they can get together again. It's like trying to develop a long distance relationship in college again ... we both thought we were done with that

Anyway - it is great to have such a supportive community here. There are no local friends/people that we can talk to about this.
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