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Old 03-03-2011, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Idlovetwo View Post
Best of luck, whatamIdoing... I suppose it's even worse if neither of your men accept sharing you. At least, my man number two (so to speak) is as poly as I am, and happy with it. But you and I know when you love someone (sometwo? lol) you just love them, no matter how mono they are. Then again, situations evolve and people take their time... Here's hoping.

Btw, I like your name, it could have been mine... That's what I thought when this all started - what the heck am I doing?? It's a hard way, isn't it

What i have now is two men "sucking it up" so to speak... they are taking what I can give... how sad for all of us... I think J could be poly in actuality but he's just so lonely right now....

as for my name... i needed something other than what I normally use to make me not search-able... and I was like WHAT AM I DOING? so that's what happened...

this was not what I planned on to be honest... but it is what it is...
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