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Old 03-01-2011, 01:11 PM
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Default Well, isn't this confusing?

Hi! I've found myself in a very foreign situation (though it seems to be one that is not so uncommon) that has me extremely confused. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost three years now, and we both want to get married/stay together in some similar arrangement. I was eighteen when we met, and had only had 3 other sexual partners (2 of them were boyfriends). I was very inexperienced sexually and emotionally, and at first all I could see was him. In a way that hasn't changed. He is absolutely my best friend in the whole world, and also the only man I want to have sex with. After I started dating him, I realized that I am bisexual. At first that was okay with me, but now I feel like I am missing something by not being able to experience this part of myself. This part makes sense to me since I sort of missed out on that before our relationship. However, I have also noticed that (more recently than my bisexual revelation) I am way more attracted to men as well. I look around constantly (at girls and boys) when I didn't even think about it before. Although in some ways I am feeling like my hormones are out of control, I don't actually want to have sex with anyone outside of my relationship. As lame as this sounds when I write it out, I really only want to be able to kiss, flirt, hold hands, or other kinds of secondary sexual affection. Is this something that is common? I haven't really come across anyone else saying anything like that yet so any information would be appreciated!
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