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Old 02-27-2011, 08:12 AM
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Default Being a parent/someone in a child's life

I've been thinking about the love we have for children/our children. There's a child on their way now ! Congrats to those !!

There's so much discussion here about love. I'd be interested to hear people's take on the love they have managed to cultivate with a child/or to have been lucky enough to receive from a child

Could be the love of your son or daughter...your neice or nephew...the child of the person you love...your child, whether biological or custodial or whatever...

I'm trying to remove any definition of who the child has to be...I think you get the picture..

Mine - I'm a mother - I'm always his primary...well, for now of course, he's little !
There will be a time where I won't be. He is certainly my primary relationship...I get so much happiness from pouring love into his little growing body and blossoming mind. It's the most wonderful of loves, in my opinion...the most naturally unlimited love, the most natural way to love without limits...the easiest way to be completely there for someone...regardless of pretty much anything that could ever happen. I love the ease of physical affection that we have. I love that we can look at each other and know with about 99% acuracy how the other would have felt/thought in reaction to a situation or comment. I love the support we give each other. I love that we challenge each other. We teach each other to think differently about the world.

I love that society is completely accepting of the bond that we can have. This may sound strange - But I love the fact I can't really be questioned about how much I love him. He is my child - it's completely ok for my love and affection to be on display. Deeply. Always. No explaination required.

Sometimes for many reasons...well, you know - It can be difficult for love to be open.

It's our first big chance for unconditional love to be established when we are little ourselves. And those of us that have children in our lives...it's so lovely !

I'm asking this here as we talk about sharing and love...and loving child is such a wonderful thing, it's so fulfilling. Sometimes all this grown up love can be so hard. I thought it might be nice to talk about love that can be....so easy, natural and uplifting.

Disclaimer - Of course - It's not always so easy. Often it's bloody hard ! I'm looking for the joyful moments truth be told
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