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Old 02-24-2011, 10:58 PM
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Default Dating, scheduling, keeping track

Okay, so I am solo and dating.

I just walked past my white board where I make "To Do" lists to myself and saw that I had written the name "Ted" and circled it. I stood and stared. "Ted?" I said to my cat, "Who the hell is Ted?" My cat just blinked at me and then circled around his dish, clearly unconcerned about anything other than his next meal. I racked my brains for a few minutes and could not recall having made any plans with a Ted.

So, I hopped onto to OKCupid and went through my Inbox, where I had to sift through quite a few messages to find him, which I did. Was tricky, 'cause his username just didn't ring a bell, either. Apparently, after re-reading the conversation thread between Ted and me, we are making plans to meet. Good thing I checked. Then I suddenly remembered being excited just last week about meeting Ted. How did I forget?

I then pondered the three or four other guys I've been conversing with there, the two I've met from OKC already (one of whom, Dreamy, I've had a few hot dates with and we are planning to see a movie next week - so it seems to be continuing), my favorite Shorty (met through a friend), reconnecting with my old BF Cranky, and the fact that I'm a free agent now. This all led me to realize that I need to brush up on my Excel skills, 'cause my dating life needs a spreadsheet. And this after I declared wanting a break!

So, I'm just looking for input from those of you who date, go out to meet people, use OKC and other online dating sites, etc. How do you manage the connections you make and prioritize your time? Since I'm on my own, I'm not looking for how to run a household with people living together and chores, but how to schedule and manage outside interests, such as dating. I did search for threads on scheduling and didn't really find what I'm seeking, but don't mind if this gets merged into another relevant thread. This is really more about dating. I am also gearing up for a new project I've got happening now which will demand some career networking in preparation for it, and which will take up lots of my time and energy this year -- so wondering how I balance that with my social life?

I use Google Calendar to a degree, but maybe not well enough. All tips and suggestions welcome! Off to feed the cat now...
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balance, dating, multiple primaries, solo, time management

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