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Old 02-24-2011, 06:35 PM
rascalpleasure rascalpleasure is offline
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Default Hi, my name is... what?

Hi, i'm rascal.

i'm currently happily in polyamorous relationship with two wonderful men, who bring me nothing but joy. My primary (damn, i hate that kind of language, but for sakes of clarity i'll subscribe to it for now) is my fiancÚ Owen. We're getting married this year (yay). My secondary, or as we prefer to name him... my spare boyfriend or my lover is Matt. Matt is in another relationship pre-dating mine with him (so i'm his spare girlfriend, lover). Owen is currently technically mono with me... his secondary split up with him last week... she had the perennial jealousy issues and hated that she wasn't number 1. *sigh* Owen and i live together...

Both of my relationships are heavily BDSM. (As we're all over 18 i'm ok to say that, right? Promise not to be graphic until someone tells me its ok ) i'm submissive in my relationships, but they are both very loving. Best bit is, i get such different experiences from each of them. i'm heavily into lycra... but enjoy the delights of leather. Maso (BIG time), brat (for those that understand the terms).

Outside of that i'm a hard working Masters student... so don't have much of a life... outside of uni and my lovers and the fetish community we are all a part of.

Ummm... that's it. Just hoping to talk and ask those stoopid questions i never thought of... learn how to make my relationships that much better...

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Old 02-24-2011, 06:57 PM
SallyJay SallyJay is offline
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Hi Rascal!

I'm new to this forum too. Glad to hear your relationships are working so well for you! There is a lot of wisdom and support to be found here.

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Old 02-24-2011, 07:56 PM
AutumnalTone AutumnalTone is offline
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Originally Posted by rascalpleasure View Post
(As we're all over 18 i'm ok to say that, right? Promise not to be graphic until someone tells me its ok )l

It's OK.
When speaking of various forms of non-monogamy...it ain't poly if you're just fucking around.

While polyamory, open relationships, and swinging are all distinctly different approaches to non-monogamy, they are not mutually exlusive. Folks can, and some do, engage in more than one of them at a time--and it's all good.
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