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Old 02-15-2011, 05:15 AM
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Default new to polyrelationship

Hi everyone,
I'm very new to all of this and am so head over heals in love with my polyandry relationship and yet as time goes on I wonder if this is all to last. No mistake I don't want this to end but I feel that my relationship may be put to the test if she adds some one else into the equation. The reason for this is that she has reminded me several times that though she did not plan for our relationship to happen (this is new to herself and husband too) and her husband and children have welcomed me in with open arms, she said that it could happen again and thus a third man would be involved with the now current relationship. I'm totally happy with the current relationship and would like to keep it this way, but now with this in the back of my mind, should I be worried about any new future possible relationships that she may develope???
I honestly don't think she could devote her time and emotions with another man in the relationship. With all of the daily activities and responsibilities, we barely get the private time together now and if another person came into the picture, I feel that this would create a strain on the situation. Honestly I don't know if I could accept that, silly as it sounds, it would be hard on me. We have talked about it but she still insists that she cant guarantee the exclusion of this possibility. We all get along so good and all of the responsibilities of the daily life is all equally shared.
Am I stressing over nothing?? We all have been together now for a year and I am struggling with this idea that keeps on being planted into my head.
Anyone with some helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.
Yours truly,
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