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Old 02-10-2011, 06:23 PM
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Red face PTSD and non-monogamy

So... I was just curious if there are other folks out there who deal with PTSD, and if so, if your experience of polyamory or other non-monogamy has helped you get through issues? I am not promoting using polyamory as a form of psychotherapy, I am just wondering if there are folks who feel a positive influence. If that makes any sense at all. It might not. :: shrugs ::

Also I would like to know if any folks out there have had a tough time adjusting to polyamory (and/or other forms of non-monogamy) and also have co-occurring, abuse-related and/or trauma-related issues. This sort of thing also makes sense to me, especially from the point of view of a survivor of abuse of different kinds- I mean, it's just the kind of thing that is beaten/raped/coerced into a person, often from a very young age...

I know that this stuff is personal and so I just want to say if you don't feel comfortable sharing as a response here, please feel free to PM me about it.

I am looking for perspective and also want to offer folks an ear if they need it. I know that I need an ear sometimes!

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