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Old 02-03-2011, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by zinc View Post
I'm a bit suspicious that the required infanticide to allow the group to migrate around (can't do that with piles of babies and toddlers!) eventually created the pressure to switch to agriculture. Just idle speculation but it would seem there would eventually be anti-infanticide pressure, and the solution would be "don't travel around", leading to agriculture.
I sure as heck haven't studied this-so I don't know.

But I'm wondering why one would think that infanticide would be necessary in order to allow for migration (understanding of course that this would be on foot).

The reason I wonder is that when SpicyPea was born, I had no car and no access to public transportation. I had to get groceries, pay bills, all of those things. I had no phone either and I lived in a town where I didn't know anyone. I also didn't have a stroller. I did have a sled in the winter that I could pull her in.

I walked. Up to 1 year, I carried her when I walked. I had to walk MILES daily to get where I needed to go.
She started walking at 8 months and was proficient by a year.
At a year-she would walk with me. She would get worn out after a mile or so and I'd carry her for a bit, then she'd walk more.

By the time she was 3, she was easily and comfortably walking upwards of 5 miles with me, without any break.

I had a car before any of the others were born, but often don't use it.
It's roughly 2 miles to town, and until 11/09 I walked into town and back out 5-6 times a week with all of the kids (no other adults). The "little one" was in a stroller after she was too big to fit inside of my coat. I did this all winter and summer (winter temp -10F to 30F)....

(From Nov '09-April '10 I was on bedrest due to surgeries)

The youngest is now 3. She walks when we go somewhere. She can easily RUN for over a mile without a break, at that point she just needs to drop to a walk for 5-10 minutes and then is able to run again for a mile.... She could do that all day.
It's not unusual for me to walk 5-10 miles a day in the summer...

So-in watching the kids in my life (Most of that time I babysit as well, so not just my biological children); it's my experience that at a VERY young age they are capable of walking and that especially if the mother is used to doing that sort of physical labor, the mother is capable of doing it whilst carrying a baby/toddler as much as they would need-presuming that both parties are healthy...

Anyway-I know that people DON'T tend to live this way-at least in America. But-I'm still finding it hard to believe that they COULDN'T...
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