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Old 02-01-2011, 11:01 AM
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Default America

This forum seems largely dominated by North Americans.

Which...is fine, and probably shouldn't be an issue.
The reason I bring it up is because I host couchsurfers from all over the world. Total strangers stay in my home and tell me about their times and their travels. They tell me about where they have been and what they have learnt.

And pretty much every single one of them is scared of America, and American culture. I don't know if that is based on not being able to seperate culture from politics and foreign policy maybe.

I'm travelling to America in a couple of months....largely to see NY city, and also I want to drive through the deserts on the west coast....And I really want to meet some americans. I know only a couple and they are both dear to me

But never in my life have I heard or felt such significant cultural avoidance.

I have travelled extensively in the middle east and felt completely at home, I was invited into muslims homes at least every second day, and I always took those invites. I've travelled through asia, and also felt completely at home.
I have a fear of travelling in America.....as the culture gap seems the most significant...despite the fact I come from a country that is western, and outwardly sympathetic to US foreign policy.

As vulnerable as this may sound....I want to ask, Every traveller that comes through my home expresses disappointment with american culture, we are all worried about the fact you guys can carry guns, every traveller comments that the food servings are too big, that the wastage is too much. Yes, I'm talking stereotypes....but the fact that these conversations happen with every european, or asian.....

I'd like to ask some Americans about their view on their culture. And if they have the chance to "check in".

I'm asking as I want to be pushed away from a stereotype. Please push me.

Years ago friends of mine travelled through the states and were often asked "oh, did you drive here from australia?"
I'm aware I have a steroetype that is unhealthy, and I'd like to work on getting rid of it.
Apologies in advance for the negative. Let's talk about it...
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