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Old 01-31-2011, 07:22 PM
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Default Don't Panic! Save h2g2...

Only days after the new website was rolled out the BBC announced huge budget cuts to their online services and one victim of this is the long running and much-loved h2g2, set up by the late Douglas Adams back in 1998 as a light-hearted community-led encyclopaedia.

When the original owners (Digital Village) were no longer able to keep the site going it was rescued by the BBC (in an event known by the community as Rupert), and now after ten years of support Auntie Beeb is having to cut us loose. But due to the nature of the site it’s not just being scrapped (like, for example, the 606 sports forum), the BBC would like someone to take it off their hands.

With any luck it will be taken over by professionals, but just in case it isn't there is a growing movement within the community making plans to try and take over the site ourselves and make it truly community-led. For this we need volunteers; people with technical skills, people who can put together a proposal for costs and what's involved, people who are willing to donate some money or resources, people with time who can spread the word.
In short, h2g2 needs YOU.
Please help in any way you can.
We’re not ready to say “so long, and thanks for all the fish”.


(On a note more relevant to this place: it was on h2g2 that I first read an article about polyamory and subsequently realised that there really were others who thought like me and that the the desire to have non-monogamous relationships wasn't some how weird or bad... that little article changed my life. This is how much h2g2 means to me.)
Actually, it's both big and clever.

Atomic Tangerine - Guitar and amp blog.

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