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Old 01-25-2011, 01:39 AM
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Default new guy here

wanted to introduce my self and tell everyone a bit about me and my life. i am a happy married man of 12 years with 2 sons, 2 and 3(almost 3 and 4). my wife and "experimanted" with a friend of her's several years ago and it went bad because we didn't talk about it outside the bedroom. we didn't have a good understanding about........any of it really. the relationship between my wife and i went down hill for a while, but in the end, i know it was for the better. we are far closer to one another than we ever were.

after our rough times and our healing, we had our boys. after the second one turned a year old, over dinner at a resturaunt, my wife tells me she wants to have a anniversary surprise for me that we need to talk about first. she wanted to have another woman join us/meet us on a trip out of town. this time, we talked about it ALOT. wants, desires, expectaions, limits. ALL of it. as much as we could think of as a point of intrest. never did find anyone for our anniversary but we did share ourselves a few times with a few different women(one other woman at a time). but we both agreed, something was missing. we both wanted have a connection with woman.

a few attempts to make a connection, a few connections and then being hurt by the third brought us to where we are now. back the ground floor with the woman that hurt us with a new start, taking things very slow and trying to heal and prevent any one from being hurt.

wife and i will be 32 this year and our girlfriend will be 37 this year. our 2 boys (almost 3 and 4) and she has 4 kids. 18 boy(man lol) 17 boy(again man lol) 14 boy and girl(twins). all of her kids know very well about us. our boys don't "know" but already show signs of loving them as family.

i found this forum as a result of trying to find an area to talk to others that may have some insight to this style relationship and issues that can arise. i look forwards to reading any responces to this topic and the topics that others create. i will answer pretty much any question that you can think of.
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