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Old 01-24-2011, 02:39 PM
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Default A new term maybe.

Hi everyone,

Dam isn't life funny !

In another thread here we've been back on the topic of jealousy and envy (again!)

And low & behold, in a personal situation I just witnessed how nasty this inherent capability is in us all.

And it brought to mind that maybe we need a new term in our vocabulary.

IFU - Insecurity Flare Up

I likened it to an injury that although healed, can flare up again later under the right conditions.

Read a joint injury that can resurface to a degree under the right circumstances of humidity or temperature.

Insecurity seems to be such a weakness.

Despite what we all go through to become stronger, more confident etc, it's entirely possible to have a "flare up" at some point in the future triggered by something in our environment.

Stress and major life events are common culprits in this realm. They shake us off our comfortable platform of confidence and dump us on our face. It happens to everyone I think. Then the first thing you know, old injuries can flare up. We tend to forget that those injuries were long healed. We overlook the fact that we HAVEN'T re-injured the old area. But the pain is still there, and just as real. Or so we believe.

Until maybe we take a nice hot bath, reflect back, and realize again that the pain is likely MOSTLY 'biologically remembered' pain (cellular memory - brain or otherwise).

We've just experienced IFU ! Phew !
We can put this in perspective better now that we recognize it. We know the steps that will help make it go away - or at least become bearable until it does.

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