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Old 01-24-2011, 10:08 AM
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Thanks flamecat and ohiogirl...that's exactly the sort of stuff I wanted to hear. General stuff about how stereotypes influence us...

or where we sit/don't sit in relation to them. It's interesting that stereotypes even exist...and that they could shape us in some way/s.

In some ways, I feel I also fit the stereotype of a redhead. I don't consider myself as someone with a fiery temper...but you would not ever be unaware if I were pissed.
In one situation I poured soup on someone's head whilst upset. The soup had well and truly cooled down though...it was actually cold, so it was only pride that was injured !
it's now quietly referred to as "the minestrone incident"

And the same goes with sex. There's been too many people comment on the difference and suggest it's b/c of my red hair. I've pretty much tried to reject that idea...it would seem ridiculous really. Surely not !

I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts if they have ever felt stereotyped in some way on the basis of a physical trait.

There's a weight conversation going on...so maybe there's other physical traits that have had influence ?
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