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Old 01-14-2009, 04:28 PM
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Default Grand Rapids, MI Meeting

Hello all,

There has been a lot of new activity lately and calls for some sort of meet up. Previously we had started a monthly meet up the last Saturday of the month. I suggest that we try that once more.

I'm officially inviting everyone to meet Saturday the January 31st 2009. I will update with a suggestion of time and place on Thursday when I should have my new work schedule. In the meantime, how about a show of hands of who would likely show up to such a gathering.


Yahoo GRPOLY Group

"Whatever you do, just do it for peace. It's up to the people, you can't blame the government and say, "They're doing this. They-- Oh, they're going to put us into war."? We put them there and we allow it, you know. And we can change it."
-John Lennon
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